Strengthen communication between your clinicians and their limited English proficient (LEP), Deaf, or hard-of-hearing (HOH) patients. Work with us to design a success plan that will alleviate pressure on your team and help you remove communication barriers.

When you schedule a demo with a member of our sales team, you’ll learn how InDemand’s technology-enabled language access solutions can:

  • Support better communication through our video remote interpreting (VRI) solution that delivers high-quality video and audio for more than 250 languages

  • Provide both Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI), and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting 24/7/365

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce costs with InDemand experienced and certified medical interpreters versus in-person interpreters

  • Enhance patient care and stay compliant with a custom solution created to support your business process

Improve communication. Enhance patient care. Reduce costs. Increase compliance. Complete the form to request your custom demo today:


Complete the form to schedule a demo:

“Understanding our patients and being able to communicate with them allows caregivers to provide the highest quality of care and our patients with the comfort and convenience that help make a medical experience more positive. VRI allows us to bridge communication gaps, better evaluate a patient’s condition, and ultimately deliver more compassionate care. We see patients every day who benefit from our ability to communicate effectively with them. VRI allows us to better serve the needs of a growing, diverse population.”


—Sunita Mishra, MD, Medical Director of Innovation, Providence Health & Services