Effective communication with all patients is vital to your healthcare organization. Communicating with your patients, diagnosing their medical needs, and actively finding a solution to their problems are not only expectations for patient care, but also legally required.

With changing legal standards and the controversy that follows, what are your options for providing accommodations for Deaf and hard of hearing patients?

This webinar explores the resources available to your organization to help build out effective communication strategies to ensure every patient receives the highest quality healthcare.

The panel addresses questions such as:

  • What recent changes in legal standards have been made and why?

  • What are your options for providing high-quality patient care while also meeting compliance regulations?

  • What is a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)?

  • Do interpreters have to be present in the room with patients in order to effectively communicate?

  • What are the primary differences between on-site interpreting and video remote interpreting?

This webinar is also available in American Sign Language (ASL).


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